Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hair cuts

For some reason, Noah often says "Isaac is a sheep." Over the last few weeks this has begun to make more sense as Isaac's hair has grown longer and longer and he has come to resemble a sheep somewhat.
It is a 3 person job to cut his hair, but last night Paul finally decided it had to be done.

Isaac showed us in no uncertain terms that he hated having it cut.

But afterwards, once he stopped crying, had a bath and hairwash and a cuddle in the towel, he forgave his dad and looked very smart.

Then this morning I got a surprise morning off when the speech therapist suggested it would be best if Isaac didn't attend his messy play feeding therapy group as he had a cold - the physiotherapist who visited yesterday had told her - being the week after the school holidays we have loads of therapy visits to make up for 2 weeks off.

Like Isaac, my hair also badly needed cutting and I was lucky enough to find a hairdressers that could do it today. I behaved much better than Isaac and now I have a few less grey hairs and a much shorter cut.

I asked Noah if he could see anything different about my head and he just looked at me and laughed - I hope Paul will be able to do better than that when I ask him!

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