Saturday, July 12, 2008


The foster care federation gave us some free tickets to “Goldilocks and the three bears” – put on by secondary school students and directed by the drama teacher from Lily’s school.

Lily had her work experience at Farmers in the morning so she waited in town for us. J had an access visit, so it was just me and the two little boys to get into town. The buses are free this week, but that means they’re so crowded that it would be hard to cope on them with a pushchair, so we walked.

I phoned Lily and the conversation went something like “Do you know how to get to Burger King and meet us there?”
“Do you know where the theatre is?”
We ended up meeting Lily at the library – there is a great teenage section downstairs where she can read magazines and watch DVDs – and we were quite impressed she managed to find her own way there (although she told me later she had bumped into a friend who walked there with her!)

Lily treated us to lunch at a Cambodian restaurant we’ve been meaning to go to for a while. Main courses cost only $9 each. Lily had satay chicken, I had chilli beef and Noah who didn’t like the look of any of the dishes with rice (their menu was great for kids as it had photos of each item) chose spring rolls. We had to persuade Noah to eat by saying his rolls looked like Christmas presents – he then bit the ends off to see what was inside, but wasn’t very impressed with what he found!
Lily asked for chopsticks and Noah then had a go with them too – I wish I’d had the camera.

The Goldilocks show was very good considering it was by school children. It was done like a pantomime encouraging the kids to call out – Isaac finally got the idea a bit later than everyone else, so they’d be back to a bit of quiet dialogue and Isaac would shout! After the show the kids were invited up on stage to dance – Lily was delighted as I said she could go to look after Noah – it was a show for pre-schoolers really not 19 year olds! Then they met the cast and Lily got her programme autographed “love from Mother Bear.”

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