Monday, July 21, 2008

A wet Sunday afternoon

Sam and Anika came for lunch which was great as we hadn't seen them for about a month.

We were racing to get ready as Sunday lunch often ends up really late and J was being picked up for an access visit at 1.45. Nearly ready at 1.15 and someone shouts "There's a car outside" Somehow we'd got the time wrong, and the access supervisor was waiting so instead of having roast chicken and the works, I had to make J a quick cheese sandwich to eat in the car.

Paul used this time with J away to give Noah some undivided attention and the two of them went to a model railway exhibition that was on this weekend and is only held each two years. Paul said Noah was so well behaved he just quietly followed all the tracks round then stood and watched the trains, while making an "aahing" noise to himself.

Hannah and Lily persuaded Sam to give them a lift to town. Lily had left her school bag behind in Farmers and wanted to pick it up before going back to school. Hannah and her flat mate had decided they need a pet so wanted to look at fish.

So I was left with an afternoon to myself with Isaac - well actually with a table to clear of a full Sunday lunch and a dishwasher to load! I decided to go for a walk as I've been rather trapped with all the kids over the holidays. Once I'd made this decision and was looking forward to it, it started to pour with rain, so I postponed my walk and read a library book instead.

We finally got out just before it started getting dark and I managed to remember the camera and get a photo of the site of our old house. It's about a 20 minute walk from this one. The site is supposed to be cleared over the next few days, so this is the last time it should look so bad - the dismal weather didn't help either.

You can see Isaac in his pushchair (feeling pretty fed up) the remains of the steps to the front door, the concrete slab the garage was on and the playhouse Paul built at the back of the garden.

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