Wednesday, July 2, 2008

parenting drives you mad!

Lily managed to loose her glasses between Sunday morning church and Sunday evening church. She thinks she was in the study when she decided she had to act Troy from High School Musical so had to take them off (as she has explained to me simply again and again since - he doesn't wear glasses so she couldn't possibly act him wearing her glasses). We have given her 4 days thinking they'll just turn up - last time this happened we were just about to go to the optician to buy a new pair and Lily decided to wear some shoes she hadn;t worn for a while and found her glasses in them "Now I remember I was on the trampoline and had to take them off so i put them in my shoe"
Needless to say this time all her shoes have been searched and tonight Paul decided to join the search. Loads of interesting stuff plus rubbish and dirty washing has been found under her bed but no glasses. Lily has enough money in her account to buy a new pair from the disability benefit she gets each week, but how do we make her understand how expensive they are and how do we get her to take better care? I never loose my glasses - well only when Isaac reaches out for them from his cot which is right next to my side of the bed.

Have also been driven mad trying to keep our six year old foster daughter J and Noah entertained after school, preferably in different rooms, start making trainset with Noah in one room then playing princess lego in the other until J says she does want Noah playing with her but it seems only to be so she can snatch lego away from him!
Noah decided to play a computer game he was given for his birthday but managed to change the whole resolution of the computer.
I have been reading this great book the connected child about caring for adopted and special needs children and keep vowing to become this slow to anger nuturing parent but it doesn;t seem to be happening!

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