Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Noah's party Invite

Noah was delighted to get back to school and be given a party invitation for D's 10th birthday . He wanted to show it to everyone we met. He has been to very few parties so is already excited.
I think most of the kids with special needs have been invited - they are going ten pin bowling and having pizza on Friday after school.

Noah hasn't been bowling before but I think they can put up buffers along the side of the alley and a slope that you can roll the ball down - this means that the most disabled children just have to lift their hand off the ball to play.
D is one of the severely disabled children - he doesn't walk or talk and I don't think I've even seen him smile or look at things. He does like shaking things though.

I found it hard to think of a suitable birthday present that isn't too babyish, but shopping this morning I found a Little Tikes hammer designed for pre-schoolers that has a nobbly rubber handle and makes woodwork noises when you shake it. I think Noah will like it too - I hope I can persude him to give it to D.

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