Friday, July 18, 2008

Preparing for the Oscars

Tonight we have been invited to the "Oscars" at the Down syndrome group Lily attends fortnightly.
Last meeting Hannah (who is one of the group leaders) used our video camera to film all the kids acting High School Musical, and tonight all the families have been invited to go in formal dress for a sit down meal to watch the film they made and see the kids get their Oscars for taking part.
This has become really important news inour house as we told the little ones they could come if they behaved like grown-ups.
Now with half an hour to go, Hannah is off decorating the church hall, our food contribution is cooking - we have made a chocolate cake which says Oscar night in white icing and has a model oscarstanding on it saying hollywood best sweetheart, which Lily was given by Alex back in Auckland, there are roast potatoes and a casserole which I hop ewill be ready in time.
The kids clothes are laid out on the beds in Lily's room, bridesmaid dress for Lily, matching deep red trousers and tops for the boys and a brand new party dress for J.
Lovely to be able to buy her something I really like, we had a bit of "Ugly" at first then she seemed to decide that actually she'd like something to dress up in.
Just about time to get dressed and go now, I'll try to get some photos to post tomorrow.

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