Thursday, July 10, 2008

Noah and his dinosaur

Noah stayed in bed all night last night! Well he did wake up at 4.30 and call us from his bed but we shouted back that it wasn't time to get up and he should go back to sleep and he did.
Let's hope it helps his behaviour through the day.

We need a quiet day as J is still feeling miserable so the kids are watching the making of Jurassic Park. Noah is watching with his new dinosaur which doesn't scare him so much now.

He even managed to let it nibble his ear!

Isaac has to be put on the settee to watch as he is attached to his feed pump - we have a drip stand to follow him around with, but still finds he crawls away too far and fast and risks pulling his button out unless we contain him somewhere.

He isn't very interested in dinosaurs!

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