Friday, July 25, 2008

Isaac's development, Noah's party

We have had therapy or health visits for Isaac almost every day this week;

Tuesday was the physio who managed to repair Isaac's standing frame (Noah pulled this apart as one early morning activity and when Paul tried to put it back together he managed about 25 different nuts and bolts but there were 5 pieces left over and the knee supports sagged forwards and the whole frame gradually squashed under Issac's weight)

Isaac showed off how he could stand up from the floor and she was most impressed and will order orthopedic supports to go in his shoes.

Wednesday was the eating clinic which was cancelled then the dentist in the afternoon. She said Isaac has a congenital absence of two of his incisor teeth at the bottom making the canines prominent which is why his teeth look like sharks teeth. She says the teeth look healthy though which is great as we can't get a toothbrush in to brush them because of his issues with things in his mouth.

Thursday was ABCD therapy group (Aiming for the Best for Children with Down Syndrome) Isaac is among the oldest there now - there are two 1 year old girls, a one year old boy and a 6 month old boy (who's mum had driven for over 2 hours to get there). This was a great place for Isaac to show off his new standing skill - although continuing to do it even through music time wasn't so great.

Today the Speech language therapist and early intervention teacher visited, followed by the home care nurse. everyone is impressed by his progress, even though he still has not managed to get back up to the 11kg he once weighed.

Isaac is certainly much more interested in things now and you can't leave him alone for long . He proved this when I heard him in the kitchen - I went to see and found a boy stuck in our island unit while everything that had been on the unit was on the floor!

Isaac stuck in the kitchen island unit!

Isaac also enjoyed the birthday party Noah went too, as lots of the older boys played High 5 with him. These kids are so natural at including children with special needs, most of them are "buddies" for Noah or others with special needs.

centre of attention playing Hi 5 with Noah's classmates

Noah was pleased to give D his present - I was impressed how all the children had found appropriate presents - soft toys, bells and simple books.

Noah enjoyed the bowling and was cheered by all around him - he was also very keen on all the racing car arcade games that were there too. Noah and Isaac wore their matching tops that I bought from Disneyland Paris.

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