Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not in Wellington

Paul had taken a days holiday today and we'd planned to see my sister Caroline and family in Wellington. But around 6am, some horrible noises from the bathroom and it was obvious that J had a nasty tummy bug and we wouldn't be going anywhere.
It turned into quite a nice day actually with Paul having this unexpected time at home. He managed to sort out lots of tax forms and the like which had been waiting a while and we finally took all thebags of jumble to the Salvation Army shop.

We persuaded Hannah to babysit for few hours - she wasn't that keen at first - cross at having dragged herself out of bed early to get to our house for 7am expecting to be able to go shopping in Wellington with her friend.

Noah plucked up the courage to buy a dinosaur toy with his birthday money from grandma and grandad - he has looked at them on three occasions before and thought abouut buying one, but when he presses the button to make it roar he becomes quite scared! Today we ended up taking the new T-Rex to a restaurant with us, where it had its own chair and tried not to eat Noah's chips!

Now Lily and Noah are rewatching Jurrasic Park (J is flat out in bed, poor thing) making the toy dinosaur roar whnever a dinosaur appears in the film. We had take-away pizza as a treat but Lily suprised us by quickly saying she was full - I hope she's not getting the bug.

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