Wednesday, July 2, 2008

starting our blog

There always seems to be so much happening in our family, that I thought this might be a way to preserve some of it for us and to keep family and friends updated.
Most recently we've had Noah's 9th birthday and our old house has been moved off our site ready to start building our new house - can;t come quickly enough.
Isaac went to his "messy food play" group at the hospital this morning. He objects to having to keep the food on a plastic mat and managed to get chocolate mousse on the radiator and garlic dip all over me, unfortunately he managed to get very little into his mouth and didn"t swallow any.
still the SLT thought it was good that he was letting food into his mouth and bringing his feeder cup to his mouth, he has to be applauded after each try and leads the clapping himself!

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