Monday, July 28, 2008

A Wet Weekend

Paul looked after the kids this w/e while I went to an excellent course run by CYFS (the agency we foster for - equivalent of UK social services). It was called child health but also covered Attachment Disorders and made some of the behaviours we see easier to understand - and even a little easier to cope with.
I also met a lovely lady who has fostered 71 children and is still smiling!

When I got back it was still just about light so we went to Feilding to see our old house on its new site, it looks quite big there.
We also visited the old site which has now been cleared. Someone was there in a van gathering wood while his son played in the playhouse. Paul went over to say it was quite alright to take the wood as the site clearers couldn't put it in the dump they use - only to find the guy was not actually taking wood but delivering it - it was the pegs that will mark out where our concrete block should go - so it looks like we should soon have some progress on our new house!

Lily went with Sam to see the new Batman movie on Sunday so there was only Paul and Noah for lunch (J was feeling unwell and didn't want to eat) so they ended up having fishfingers and beans for Sunday Lunch. Paul said Joe did send a text to ask about coming but when Paul texted back what was on the menu Joe didn't reply!

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