Thursday, July 17, 2008

Noah the rabbit

One of Noah's favourite birthday presents is the DVD of Roary the racing car that my mum and dad gave him. This children's TV programme isn't on in NZ but is very big in the UK.

Noah enjoys playing the games on the Roary website and will sit at the computer and watch clips that we already have on our DVD (maybe that's why we've already exceeded our down load limit for this month). He also prints out loads of colouring pictures of Flash the rabbit who stars in the programme and is Noah's favourite character.

The other morning Noah got into our bed and said "I want my ears to grow longer" Mystified we asked why. He said "And I want a red nose because I want to turn into Flash the rabbit"

Since then we keep looking at his ears and saying maybe they are a bit longer and this morning I had a bit of a play around on photshop and here is Noah the rabbit!

He is now clutching the print out of the photo and chuckling to himself.

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