Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pirate cousins

This afternoon we went to a pirate party at our local museum. The kids loved dressing up. As J’s front tooth fell out this morning she really looked the part.

We tried to persuade Lily that most 19 year olds don’t play dress up. In the end she just wore a pirate hat, but when it came to the judging of “Best Dressed Pirate” she somehow got included in the prize giving and got a sword.

It was a great child friendly display with treasure chests and pirate ship to pose by. Caroline (my sister) and Bret and kids came up from Wellington and arrived just in time for the give aways, but just as Noah was reaching his ‘best before date’. He calmed down a little when I took him into the quiet room to colour in a pirate picture and make an eye patch. I think in total we only lost him 3 times and never ended up needing to ask the museum staff for help – so a fairly successful day out.

The children all came back here and collected a lot of mud over their clothes in the back garden. They left once noise and untidiness levels reached a critical point and we bathed Noah and J who soon calmed down.

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