Wednesday, August 20, 2008

..and when the behaviour therapist's NOT here

Maybe Noah thought he was just too good for the behaviour therapists visit yesterday - he certainly showing us different today!

It started at 8.20 is morning when Isaac's feeding therapist phoned to say she was full of cold and cancelling today's clinic. Terrible mother that I am, I was pleased - a morning off and another week to get to grips with his feeding chart - we keep forgetting to try to feed him and then record it.

Anyway I decided I'd walk straight from Noah's school to town for a morning at the library and shopping for our birthday season which starts on Friday (Sam, then 1 week later Lily, a week with 2 twenty year olds then Rachel turns 21 and 6 days after that Paul turns fifty something)

I told Noah to put his socks and shoes on while I sorted out the library books, got my shoes and coat on, stopped Isaac's feeding pump, searched for his shoes then gave up and put him in a sleeping bag, squeezed Isaac into his pushchair and stood by the front door.

Noah had spent his time very kindly putting our chairs up onto the table like they do to wash the floor at school. The more I tried to push him to get ready, the worse he got and this is a day when his class were having a special treat day and a bus would be waiting for them all at school.

The class were going to play mini golf in the morning, have lunch at the esplanade park and go swimming in the afternoon. When i picked Noah up from school his teacher took me aside (always an ominous sign) he hadn't been swimming in the afternoon as his behaviour was deteriorating and they thought he was tired. He had been grabbed just in time by his teacher as he was about to escape through the doors of the mini-golf venue, and had refused to get off the trampolines at the esplanade.

Since we've been home, I carefully sat him in front of the TV with explanation that I need to make a support phone call to a parent of a child with DS. During this time he pulled out his new toy which I thought I'd hidden and got out everything needed (including a sharp knife) for making a cheese sandwich.

I think he's alright now, watching the Disney DVD 'Dinosaur' - it just makes me wonder how much fun its going to be next week with Paul away?

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