Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tea for two

A most unusual thing in our house last night- just two of us for tea, me and Noah. Paul was doing a clinic in Gisborne, Lily and J were both in a show at their drama group and Isaac of course doesn't eat.

It was fun having time with just Noah - I bought a floor puzzle with 48 pieces that has dinosaurs all over it. His interest in dinosaurs is still going and he knows the names of loads of them - although sometimes he calls them by the text of his book "How do dinosaurs say goodnight. " This is a beautiful picture book showing a human mum and dad putting their tribe of dinosaurs to bed and all the tricks the little ones play to avoid bedtime So when we asked Noah what a triceratops was he said its "Does he up and demand a piggyback ride"

We also made some crispie bars together - we currently have 16 bags of marshmallows as Hannah's flatmate works at a food warehouse and for some reason these marshmallows didn't make it to McDonalds for their hot chocolate. We are already getting a bit sick of crispie bars so if anyone knows any other recipes using marshmallows please let me know.

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