Saturday, August 2, 2008

House site preparation in the wet

On a wet Saturday morning (when isn't it wet at the moment?) we decided to cheer ourselves up by taking photos of ourselves by our house site. Most of the stuff we're hearing about the house is how much extra each thing we want will cost, like insulation under the concrete blocks or changing doors in the downstairs bathroom to sliding ones which then means an extra fan to stop them getting wet and warping.

From the house we went to the plumbing shop to look at taps - I had no idea there was such a selection and as always I can pick out the most expensive with great ease! Lily and I then went on a pre-ball shopping expedition and were very pleased as all in one morning, we managed to get Lily's hair cut, buy her some sandals that fitted and she can walk in, and buy her a little black jacket that will also go with other clothes as well as her flower girl dress.

To celebrate this Lily brought me lunch at the Mao bar (one of Palmy's nicest coffee shops) and Lily packed away an enormous full breakfast and some of my chicken curry. I tried using my camera on my new phone and sending the photo of Lily to Hannah's phone but I'm not sure if it worked.

Lily has the same "Simple" phone that I had and like mine hers has come to the end of its life and not all the buttons work. She wanted a new phone with a camera so she can take some photos at the school ball tonight. We were lucky to find one in the sale at the "Warehouse" so now she has a lovely deep pink phone and no doubt will master the technology faster than me!

Isaac continues to climb on everything he can find. Here he is stuck on an empty cardboard box, very pleased with himself!

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