Thursday, August 28, 2008

Isaac's pain explained

Today was the last of my busy therapy days (although a visit from the home care nurse tomorrow has now been added to the schedule) and Paul returned from Vietnam and Beth is arriving tonight for a long weekend with us. So three reasons for celebration .... well possibly four as Isaac's barium meal showed why he has pain.

I got to X-Ray at 2pm and unfortunately there was an emergency case so we couldn't be seen till 2.40. The good thing about this was it meant Paul got there just in time for the barium meal. He got into Auckland from Singapore at around 10.30 and phoned to say he'd arrived but they couldn't get the hold door open to get out the luggage!! Luckily it was retrieved (by winch) in time for him to catch his booked flight to Palmy due to arrive at 2.10. This of course meant I'd be at the hospital when he arrived. He'd left behind all his keys so would have to meet me at the hospital but didn't want to bring all his luggage to X-Ray.
In the end I had to park the car on a designated road leave it unlocked, then Paul had to get a taxi there, store his suitcase and meet me in x-ray.

He arrived just as they called us in and Isaac was so thrilled to see his daddy that he hardly noticed he was having a barium meal.
I stood behind the screen as they put the barium through his gastrostomy tube and could see the stomach ballooning then two smaller balloons above it right in front of his heart. Turns out these were a hiatus hernia and some reflux, a side effect of his fundoplication surgery (which he had 2 years ago at the same time as his gastrostomy). This would explain why he can't cope with large volumes of feed and why he wakes at night with pain and tries to sleep sitting up.
We'll hopefully get a paediatrician appointment fairly soon to find out if he needs further surgery.

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