Thursday, August 21, 2008

Could spring be coming?

Mostly a good day today. A great start when I called Noah to get dressed only to find he'd already dressed himself - as you can see he was wearing a T-shirt over a skivvy which wouldn't have been my choice but I was so proud of his independence I didn't have the heart to make him change.
Today dawned very cold, ice on the bins and car when I went to put out the bins. But it soon warmed up and we even spent some time in the garden after school. It's the first time we've used the garden in our rental house.
Noah and J wore themselves out on the trampoline while I made up different jumps they had to do and Isaac was quite keen to join them. Then J pushed Isaac around in his little car which he loved.

We drove past out house site too and all the metal grid is down ready to have the concrete poured, so it's good to see progress.

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Anonymous said...

Can you send some of the good weather our way please??

We are almost under water!