Monday, August 25, 2008

Children's service

I drove to church yesterday morning with Noah saying "Mummy hates driving" and J saying "Paul doesn't have to keep moving the car in and out to park it between the lines"
It was pouring with rain - what's new? and we got quite wet walking across the square to McDonalds where I treated them to lunch. Lily J and I had ice-cream sundaes while Noah watched and was reminded how he'd already had his pudding when he ate the remains of Sam's birthday cake at 7am this morning.

At 5pm there was a special children's service at church. It started with Noah walking slowly up the aisle then forward onto the high altar by which time I'd realised this wasn't how it was supposed to start and went to retrieve him. it then started properly with the choir and children's choir processing in followed by the Sunday School with Noah and J carrying banners.
Lily Isaac and I were sitting in the congregation and Isaac lent forward to pull the hair of the lady in front of us who I didn't know at all.

I noticed a little girl with Down syndrome in the congregation and sat there thinking 'how unusual to have a child with DS here that I've never met' At the end of the service her mum came to say hello and I realised that I did know them and had in fact been amongst their first visitors in the special care baby unit, so it was great to catch up with them.

The service was good but ended with a hasty getaway after this little girl (aided by Lily and J) started playing the church piano and Noah pulled the covers off the drum kit and was about to start playing them.

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