Friday, August 1, 2008

Wetter and wetter

The wet weather has gradually got worse and worse – apparently the worst storms for 10 years round here or 50 years in some other parts of New Zealand. It hasn’t been too bad at home – I’ve had J off school sick for 3 days so couldn’t have gone out anyway even if the rain had stopped. We had one small bush blow over and two of our garden chairs blew around the garden for a while, but nearby a lot of trees have blown over ad roofs been blown off. Beth in Auckland was without power for a while. This is also the week that they've started preparing our site for building. it was pretty wet for doing it, but they have some wooden pegs in now and an orange security fence across the front.
Yesterday, J went back to school so I went shopping and to the library and Paul managed to meet me for lunch.

My mobile phone has been playing up so I went into the Vodafone shop to see what to do about it. The girl was not terribly helpful but said no new batteries are available for the phone as the phone itself has been discontinued – I guess there are not many people like me who buy a “Simple” phone because they are not very technology literate. She also kindly told me that I will find it very difficult to use a new phone as they work very differently to the “Simple” phone.
I spent last night reading the websites that review and compare phones and decided that I want one with a reasonable camera on it as otherwise I have so many missed photo opportunities with the kids. This morning I bought a Sony Ericson 800i which is charging now and I’m about to go and read the handbook to see if there’s any hope of me learning to use it!

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