Friday, August 15, 2008

Isaac's spreadsheet

At our last feeding clinic, the SLT suggested we keep an excel spreadsheet of Isaac's behaviour at each meal.

We have to offer him spoonfuls of food and keep data on how many times he opens his mouth compared to how often he turns away - he doesn't have to keep the food in his mouth or swallow, just allow it to touch his mouth. We have to try to put the spoon against his mouth and follow his head movements until he gives in and opens his mouth - I think the jargon for this is "escape extinction"

We tried with chocolate sauce at tea last night and he opened his mouth about 3 times then dribbled out the chocolate. As you can see on the photo (remember this is just two small teaspoonfuls of chocolate sauce) it is amazing how much more mess it makes to try to feed a child where nothing stays in their mouth than one who just opens their mouth and swallows.

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