Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paul in Vietnam

These are some of the photos Paul took during his two day conference in Vietnam. It looks so beautiful it almost makes it worth the 27 hour journey to get there and 24 hour journey home!

this was his room - Yes the whole semi-detached house! this was the view from his room -the kids love seeing someone with the triangular hat, as we'd got out a library book on Vietnam and it showed these hats
this is the hotel beach - Paul walked along it at 5am the first mornign while he was jet lagged. The resort is called Sandy beach resort, although it doesn't sound very Vietnamese it's obviously an appropriate name!
this was the tray of fruit waiting for him in his room - we have no idea what the fruit on the right is
to prove he was actually there! this is Paul at the market - he bought Beth and Hannah a bag at the stall on the left
another shot of the market - people drove through this gap on their motor bikes! Paul bought bangles for J and Lily and T-shirts for Noah and Isaac here

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