Monday, August 18, 2008

eye clinic

Knowing Isaac had eye clinic today and knowing how long a wait that may mean, I was not pleased when Noah woke us this morning saying his nose was blocked. As Noah had an extremely runny nose I decided I would be most unpopular if I sent him to school, so even though he isn't really unwell and even though it meant he would have to come along to eye clinic I kept him home from school.

He had a great morning with no behaviour problems (so maybe he is a little unwell!!) - he even practised how to behave with his buddies at school. He has recently got back into the habit of hitting out and spitting at his buddies (class members who support him in the playground and in some lessons). Noah has thought up his own list of rules - NO to spitting, hitting, punching and throwing bark and YES to listening, sitting down and going out to play when it's time (he has no trouble with this last one, its just that he likes playtime!) and now he wants to practise being about to hit someone then signing 'stop' and 'think'.

The last time we went to eye clinic we had to wait a hour just for the orthoptist appointment and the opthalmologist usually runs even later, so today I went prepared with stickers, books and toys for the boys - amazingly we were then seen bang on time 1.30 for the orthoptist, half an hour in the cafe while the eye drops took effect then 2.15 for the opthalmologist.

Noah behaved well sitting still at the orthoptists and just telling Isaac what each picture was. It was a bit harder in the consulting room as there was a sink with a long lever for the tap that you could turn on with your foot, Noah decided he needed to wash his face and it was only when I pulled out his favourite tassel to stroke that he managed to sit down.

Isaac's squint is a bit worse, but he is still able to use both eyes and both are equally long sighted. He is also developing keratoconus which apparently means it will be quite hard to get glasses to totally correct his sight.

The opthalmologist said he will probably need glasses fairly soon but he thinks Isaac would just pull them off at the moment. He said Isaac will possibly need further surgery for his squint in a year or two but it would be mainly cosmetic not likely to improve his sight - not sure that we'd like that as he is quite an anaesthetic risk.

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