Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Steroids for Lily

A Busy few days for hospital visits and therapists - 5 appointments in 3 days. Yesterday Isaac saw his physiotherapist and early intervention teacher and Noah saw the behaviour therapist. Today we had Isaac's feeding clinic and Lily's ENT appointment and tomorrow Isaac has a Barium meal. Add in that J is changing social workers and Paul is in Vietnam and you can see I'm quite busy!

Lily came with me to Isaac's feeding clinic and got rather a lot of chocolate mousse on her as Isaac threw it at her. Isaac was introduced to the joys of chocolate finger biscuits for the first time which he loved. I will have to buy some and take a photo of how messy he gets.

We went from there to the ENT clinic. Lily's hearing is definitely down a lot and as it's a fairly sudden onset the consultant wants to try her with high dose steroids. This brings back memories of Noah being treated for infantile spasms. Still at least we know what to expect with bad moods, hunger and not sleeping! We've decided not to start them till Saturday so at least Lily won't be under their influence for her birthday.

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