Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Noah's behaviour therapist

Way back in April Noah was referred to the behaviour service for children with an intellectual disability. Since then things have got better then worse then up and down a bit. Anyway we finally made it to the top of the list and a therapist came round to interview me the other day, then Noah today.
"What behaviours do I find difficult?" Well safety most important I guess - things he's done like disappearing from our Sydney hotel room, climbing on a friend's roof, running across a road, sticking his fingers in an electrical socket, getting onto the luggage carousel at the airport ( I moved so fast I got him just before he went through the rubber curtain!) trying to turn on the gas fire, turning all the rings and oven on on the cooker one morning. Then there's the nuisance value of when he simply says No or just not doing things he's been asked to do and the school don't like the way he spits and hits out at his buddies.
I mentioned that Noah is a lovely boy though and he showed that at her home visit today. He acted beautifully and was very polite to the therapist, although when she asked him to talk loudly as she was a little deaf, he asked if she had a lap top (hearing aids) in her ear!
So she didn't see any behaviour issues at all today, but she's returnign next week and then her next step is to talk to the school who hopefully will show her another side of Noah. After that we get to the best bit where we're given ideas and techniques that might improve things

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